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Benefits of Studying Abroad

You could take a semester of classes here at Illinois State University or you could take classes anywhere in the world!

  • Broaden your academic experience by taking classes not offered at Illinois State University
  • Experience life in another culture
  • Make new friends (ISU and International)
  • Travel the world AND earn academic credit
  • Global Perspective and Awareness
  • Language Acquisition

Study Abroad From a Student Perspective:

"Study abroad was an incredible experience for me. Not only did I meet great friends from all over the world, but I gained confidence and independence all while immersing myself in a different academic system and other cultures."

Samantha B. - University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Yes, you get to go to amazing destinations and take pictures that make everyone jealous on social media BUT study abroad also looks fantastic on a resume. Not only are you receiving ISU credit for the classes you take abroad, but you are gaining life skills that make you extremely desirable to employers. Skills like:

  • Intercultural Communication and Critical Thinking
  • Adaptability and Problem Solving
  • Independence, Self-reliance, and Dependability
  • Confidence
  • Financial Management experience
  • Networking

All of these are transferable and desirable in a global workforce. By studying abroad you will not only have the experience of a lifetime, but you will make connections that will come in useful later in life and set yourself apart from the other job candidates.

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