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Academic Planning Form

All students participating on study abroad programs are required to complete an Academic Planning Form (APF) prior to departure in order to determine how your study abroad coursework from your host institution transfers to your ISU degree requirements.

Academic Planning Form (APF)

Download the Academic Planning Form (APF)

This form is not a part of the application and is not due by the application deadlines.

Not only does the APF help you research your program options and find which program is the best fit for you academically, it also ensures that you receive Illinois State credit for the courses you take abroad.

In order to receive ISU credit for an ISU direct-enroll study abroad program, it is the student's responsibility to complete the Academic Planning Form (APF) at least one month prior departure. The APF is not due at the time of application.

Completing the APF

Step 1:

  • Research course offerings at your host institution (ex: study abroad course equivalencies sheet, host institution’s website, and/or affiliate provider’s website) to find out what classes are available and offered during your semester abroad.
    • Start planning courses prior to being accepted to your study abroad program. Many programs require you to register for/select classes at your host university shortly after acceptance.
  • If you have any questions about course offerings at your host institution, consult with your study abroad program advisor or faculty director.

Step 2:

  • List your desired courses and alternate choices on the APF.
  • Just like at ISU, first choices are not always available. Please be flexible with your course selections and have backup courses prepared.

Step 3:

    • Schedule an appointment with the appropriate advisor. Be sure to ask if they need any additional information in order to approve or sign off on your classes prior to your meeting (ex: course description or syllabus).
    • The chart below will guide you on who to consult for signing of your APF:


To Fulfill Consult
Gen Ed or IAI or AMALI Requirement Study Abroad Advisor
Hours towards graduation/university electives Office of the Registrar, reviewed upon submission of form
Major Requirements Major Department Advisor
Minor Requirements Minor Department Advisor
Foreign Language requirement/proficiency Language Department Advisor

Step 4:

  • After meeting with your Academic Advisor and/or Study Abroad Advisor, upload the completed and signed form to your 'Online Forms' folder of your Study Abroad Application Portal.

After the form has been reviewed by the Office of the Registrar, it will be returned to you with comments and final approval. Keep this copy for your records.