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Financial Aid and College Illinois! Abroad

Most Financial Aid and College Illinois! may be applied to the cost of OIE-sponsored study abroad programs.

It is the student's responsibility to meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss the anticipated amount of assistance they are eligible to receive and how it will be applied to their study abroad program. We recommend that students complete this step prior to, or very early in, the study abroad application process in order to determine how they will fund their experience abroad.

Before you meet with a representative about your aid, narrow your study abroad program options down to your top two. This allows you to receive specific information on each program as it pertains to your financial situation. If you have not narrowed down your program options, you may be asked to come back once you have done so.

Applying Financial Aid to your Study Abroad Bill

If you are receiving financial aid, you are only responsible for paying the amount of your Study Abroad bill that is not covered by financial aid.

For example:
$3,000 Study Abroad bill
-$2,000 Financial aid
$1,000 Due on billing due date

If the amount of financial aid you will receive exceeds the total amount of your Study Abroad bill, you do not need to make any payments to ISU.

Financial Aid

In order to receive Financial Aid you must be a full time student. To be considered a full time student, see hours below:

  • Semester = 12 hours
  • Summer = 6 hours

If you are participating in a summer study abroad program for less than 6 hours, you will not be eligible for financial aid (federal loan programs). You can take an online course or an on campus course to be at a full 6 hours for the summer.