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Study Abroad Ambassador Program

The Study Abroad Ambassadors are a team of student volunteers who have studied abroad and share a passion for global education, cultural immersion, and traveling. They are great resources for not only their host country and institution, but study abroad in general.

Contact an Ambassador!

Ambassador contact information is provided on this page with their bios.

Feel free to ask them any questions you have about their experience abroad, the classes they took, what kind of housing they lived in, and more!

Interested in Becoming an Ambassador?

Contact the Study Abroad Team at to express your interest and get more details.

Why become an Ambassador?

  • Public speaking opportunities
  • Professional development
  • Resume booster
  • Supervisor reference (based on experience and performance)
  • Volunteer hours
  • Holistic reflection on experience abroad
  • Close partnership with study abroad advising team

Who is eligible?

  • Currently enrolled Illinois State University undergraduate student
  • Successful participation in an ISU-sponsored study abroad program
  • Daytime availability for classroom presentations and University events
  • Evening and weekend availability (only for events as needed and with notice)

What is the time commitment?

  • Serve for at least one full academic year (approx. 1-10 hours/week)
  • Attend a mandatory training session at start of year
  • Attend one meeting per month with team and supervisor
  • Conduct classroom presentations throughout the semester
  • Participate in University events as needed (Festival ISU, open houses, etc.)
  • Complete projects as needed for the Study Abroad Team

Meet the 2020-2021 Study Abroad Ambassador Alums

Chase Aulis

Chase Aulis (He/Him/His)

Major: Mass Media: Management, Promotions, and Sales
Studied In: Gold Coast, Australia
Program: Griffith University

Email Chase

Hi, my name is Chase Aulis! I am a senior majoring in Mass Media: Management, Promotions, and Sales. I studied abroad during the second semester of my sophomore year in Gold Coast, Australia. My favorite part about studying abroad was having the independence to explore places that many people will never have the chance to. I was able to visit Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, The Great Barrier Reef, and many other locations and it made me a confident and competent traveler. Studying abroad has allowed me to become someone who isn't afraid to go out on my own and have a new adventure because I know there will always be someone new to meet!

Chase's Pro Tip:
Don't be afraid to go and have an adventure!

"There is always someone willing to talk, lend a helping hand, or grab a bite to eat with no matter where you are."

Sunshine Bobnick

Sunshine Bobnick (She/Her/Hers)

Major: Business Management: Human Resources & Organizational Leadership
Minor: French
Studied In: Aix-en-Provence, France
Program: CEA Summer Internship

Email Sunshine

Hi, my name is Sunshine "Sunny" Bobnick! I am a senior, Business Management major with a double sequence in Human Resources and Organizational Leadership. I also have a French minor. I studied abroad in the summer of 2019 in Aix-en-Provence, France with CEA and participated in their internship program. While abroad, I had the opportunity to complete a 35 hour/week human resources internship with Akina Strategies where I made a lot of great connections. One of my favorite parts was having two-hour lunch breaks every day, and I loved being so close to other countries that I could travel and check things off my bucketlist!

Sunshine's Pro Tip:
Step outside of your comfort zone!

"You will grow the most when you are pushed outside of your comfort zone. Studying abroad gives you the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and experience so many new and amazing things. It also forces you to think differently which helps you grow even more!"