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The Study Abroad Mentor Program

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The Study Abroad Mentor Program (StAMP) is a registered student organization that pairs study abroad alumni with students preparing to embark on a study abroad program. The mentors serve as a guide for preparing for departure and often can provide different insights than an advisor may be able to.

StAMP also allows study abroad alumni to come together and share their stories from abroad with other students who went through similar experiences!

Membership: StAMP is an open organization, welcoming prospective study abroad students, international students, and study abroad alumni. This club is a community of like-minded global redbirds who have an interest in travel, study abroad, global citizenship, and life beyond the U.S.

Cost: There is no cost for membership in StAMP.

Time Commitment: Although StAMP hosts a variety of functions throughout the semester, the only mandatory events are the pairing events when mentors and mentees meet for the first time.

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