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Application Deadlines

Standard application deadlines are listed below. However, some programs may have a unique deadline that differs from the standard timeline.

  • Academic Year Term: March 1

  • Fall Semester Term: March 1

  • Fall Break Term: March 1

  • Winter Break (Fall Course) Term: March 1

  • Winter Break (Spring Course) Term: September 1

  • Spring Semester Term: September 1

  • Spring Break Term: November 1

  • Summer (Faculty-Led) Term: January 15

  • Summer (Direct-Enroll) Term: February 1

*As application deadlines may sometimes differ from the standard deadlines, it is important to verify your specific program application deadline on the program brochure page in the My Study Abroad portal.

Items Due by Application Deadline:

  • All application items in your My Study Abroad portal must be completed prior to the deadline.
  • After completing all application items, you must SUBMIT your application to be considered complete. Applications will not be reviewed unless they have been officially submitted.
  • If a faculty recommendation(s) is required for your program, it is your responsibility to ensure your faculty completes the form by the application deadline.
    • We recommend contacting the faculty member one week prior to the deadline to politely remind them of the due date.
  • No applications will be accepted after the deadline.

Application Approval

We encourage you to start applying once the application for your study abroad term is released on the My Study Abroad portal. However, please keep in mind that our office does not review applications on a rolling basis.

  • You will be notified of an admission decision via email within two weeks of the application deadline.
    • To confirm your participation, you will be required to complete a selection of Post-Decision/Enrollment forms found in the My Study Abroad portal.
    • The Post-Decision/Enrollment forms will be due within one week of acceptance and will culminate in a short in-person meeting with your Study Abroad Advisor to review your forms and turn in any required hard copy materials. The date and time of this meeting will be included in your acceptance email, as well as directions on how to schedule this appointment.

Students will then participate in a mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation Course consisting of two (2) parts: Online Orientation and the Study Abroad Send-Off. Specific course information will be released via email following the completion of the enrollment forms process.

  • Part One (1): an Online Orientation comprised of watching a series of video modules and taking corresponding quizzes facilitated via ReggieNet. This course closes follows our Pre-Departure Guide, covering topics such as health and safety, travel preparation, intercultural communication, visas/residence permits, etc.
  • Part Two (2): Students will then have the chance to meet other students studying in their program (if applicable) and all those going abroad during their term at the Pre-Departure Send-Off. The Send-Off is a panel discussion with study abroad alumni from various destinations. Students will have the opportunity to ask any remaining questions prior to departure.

Application Denial

Very rarely does the Study Abroad Office deny a student's application to study abroad.

  • You will be accepted if you meet the minimum standard eligibility and program-specific eligibility requirements.
  • Our office is happy to help you find a program that is the right fit for you. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • Should a student application be denied, no Application Fee will be assessed.