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Program Budgets

When creating an estimated program budget, the Study Abroad Team aims to include every foreseeable expense.

The Total Estimated Cost of Program is a minimum estimate of what we believe a student will spend during their time abroad, not necessarily what will be reflected on their Illinois State University bill/student account charges.

While we do our best to determine a precise cost for each program, the program budget is only an estimate. Some items may result in a slightly higher or lower cost at the time of program due to variables out of our control, such as: housing availability, host country immigration changes, currency exchange rates, etc.

Illinois State Budget Understanding Budgets

Program-Specific Budget Information

Estimated program budgets are adjusted annually as updated costs are made available to the Study Abroad Team. If an estimated program budget is not yet published for your desired term abroad, please reference the available budget as they tend to remain relatively similar. Contact us with any questions or concerns.

Note: Beginning with the 2020-2021 academic year, the Non-Refundable Study Abroad Application Fee will increase to $300.00. If referencing budgets from 2019-2020 or prior, please take this change into account.


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